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Trading Takes Time

Our goal is simple at ShortAlgo, it's to make sure you have all the tools and strategy available to increase win rates across trades. We designed our product on a very simple notion, that 90% of people who trade on the stock market lose money. That is why our strategy is focused exclusively on shorting stocks, this way we're already ahead of 90% of the market. 

The strategy that we present has been tested, and before launching the product we applied this exact strategy to our own portfolio and managed to achieve 71 winning trades and 2 losses. There is no such thing as risk free trading, and even though our strategy is successful, customers need to understand that there are no guarantees.

If you want to be successful we recommend customers read all the tutorials provided, and begin using the solutions with a paper trading account over the trial period. The algorithm is customizable to your trading strategy, whether bearish or bullish / small or large cap funds.



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