Asked Questions

Questions: I can't see the script!
Answer: Firstly, confirm that you provided to us the correct username, then refresh your browser. In order to access the script you need to access the "Invite-only script section" of the chart. Please go to, from there select the "Chart" Tab at the top of the screen where you'll be re-directed to the "Chart" section. Next step is to select the "Indicators" tab at the top of the screen. Here you will now see the "Invite-only Scripts" displayed, select "UltraAlgo".



Questions: Is a Tradingview License required?
Answer: Depending on how you trade, as Tradingview license may not be required. Free Tradingview licenses deliver data at a 25 minute delay. If customers are looking to receive the signals in real-time, then a "Pro" license would be required along with the corresponding data subscriptions. 


Our algorithm currently lives on the Tradingview Platform. In order to begin with real-time trading you'll be required to purchase a Pro license ($14.95 / Month) and add-on Extra Data Subscriptions to NYSE ($2 / Month), NASDAQ ($2 / Month) and OTC ($2 / Month). Total additional cost for TradingView is $20.95 + Tax, customers are required to license independently.

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Questions: Why do I need to register a credit card for a free trial?
Answer: We receive a high volume of subscriptions on a daily basis and are unable to manually grant access to all the individuals registering and matching this with payments due. As such, our process is self-service where customers submit their credit card information at the time of registration and then have the ability to cancel at any time with a click of a button via the (a.) members area portal or (b.) sending a message to the support team.

Questions: When do I get charged?
Answer: Customers are all required to start with a 7-day free-trial, and will not get charged until the 7th day. We use this process because our goal is to make sure that every prospective customer has an opportunity to test the product in real-life trading without incurring any costs.