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Getting Started

Before investing across any securities, we recommend and encourage all traders to initiate paper trading. This will allow new members to familiarize themselves with the ShortAlgo signals and configuration while applying the strategy outlined below.  

Rule. 1

[Don't Lose Money!] Always secure profits. Have a goal in mind and once your trade has met the defined price target, exit with the base investment. 

Rule. 2

[Float] Do not short low float (Those with under 20 Million shares) stocks before either (a.) 3,000,000 worth of share have been traded or (b.) Once the signal has displayed after the open on a less aggressive range (4>). 

Rule. 3

[Short Interest] If Buying, look for stocks with a higher short interest (+6%) as you have the opportunity of benefiting from a short squeeze if the catalyst occurs. For more bearish plays, avoid shorting stocks with a higher short interest as you could get caught in a short squeeze.

Rule. 4

[Insider & Institutional Ownership] Stocks with a high ownership tend to offer more support in terms of bullish plays. It's not recommend to short a stock with a high Insitutional Ownership. In retrospect, if there is a catalyst around a share offering or selling of shares, this usually has a negative impact on the price.  

Rule. 5

[Buy Low & Sell High] Our indicators are designed trigger when a security if oversold or overbought. We do not recommend entering a security when there is no signal in place.

Rule. 6

[China Plays] Chinese securities tend to be very volatile and do not react to signals. We recommend avoiding there type of securities as they are highly manipulated. 

Rule. 7

[Forums] Do not base trades on influencers. The market can be easily manipulated and we found that many of the trading forums (discord / stocktwits) are being managed buy a small coordinate group that tend to enter and exit positions before promoting onto novice investors. 

Trading Videos

Shorting VVOS, TKAT, XSPA, EOLS, ATXI, NXTD, and ETTX on 2020_12_17

Shorting NVCN on 2020_12_16
(Neovasc, Inc)

Shorting XXII on 2020_12_14
(22nd Century Group)

Shorting GENE on 2020_12_10
(Genetic Technologies)

Shorting ARVN on 2020_12_14
(Arvinas, Inc)

Shorting ANIX on 2020_12_10
(Anixa Biosciences)

Shorting CCM on 2020_12_16
(Concord Medical Services, Ltd)

Shorting RUBY on 2020_12_14
(Rubius Therapeutics, Inc)

Shorting RCON on 2020_12_10
(Recon Technology)

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